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I was born and grew up in smalltown Flekkefjord, but have since then lived in Oslo. Married to Nanette Nielsen. Father of two sons, Nicolai and Victor. We are often in Denmark and Hungary.

My constant eager to seek out new knowledge and actively develop new skills, has turned me in to a Senior Engineer and IT Project Manager at the University of Oslo.

Holding a snake for the very first time!

I’m a very visual person, so it is no wonder that photography became my number one hobby!

You can see a good selection of my photos in the gallery on this site, and far more of my photos on Flickr. I love shooting birds (all photos you see on in the gallery are taken in the wild), nature, historic and urban motives. With two kids screaming train, I have started taking photos of old trains. Please don’t (re)publish any of my images on any media without my permission. © All rights reserved.

Just as much as I like doing photography, I love hiking, biking and skiing in the mountains. When living the city life, I’m a passionate coffee drinker, loving coffees from small roasting companies. Favorite coffee bars and roasting companies are Coffee CollectiveTim Wendelboe and Supreme Roastworks.



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